How to buy the HOKK crypto token


***important notice – this is not financial advice, I am neither encouraging you to buy or not buy HOKK tokens or any other cryptocurrency or investment. This is simply a guide on how to navigate purchasing HOKK tokens. Invest at your own risk.***

Are you interested in buying the HOKK cryptocurrency token (sometimes referred to as a coin) but can’t figure out how to buy it?

HOKK is not listed on the most popular exchanges so it’s a bit more complicated to buy, but it’s not that hard. Here’s how to buy HOKK.

Setup an account with Coinbase . You can use other wallets but for the purposes of this post, sign up for Coinbase click here. <– This is my referral link and I may be compensated, but it works just the same for you – and you’ll also get 5 dollars free Bitcoin using this link! 🙂

Note that this won’t necessarily allow trading to be immediate, it may take some time to verify yourself with Coinbase, so make sure to jump on this because you won’t be able to trade until you are verified.

Next, make sure you setup a Coinbase Wallet. This is separate from your main Coinbase account and this is where you store your various cryptocurrencies. Once you setup your wallet, make sure you connect it to your main Coinbase account. Here are instructions on how to link your wallet to your Coinbase account.

Once you have your account setup and are authorized to purchase Crypto, purchase a dollar amount of Ethereum you are comfortable with in your Coinbase that you would like to convert to HOKK.

Why Ethereum?

You cannot buy HOKK tokens directly, you will need to do a token swap using Uniswap and Coinbase, which will be covered below. Also note that you will incur mining fees when using Uniswap to convert your Ethereum to HOKK tokens, so make sure to buy more Ethereum than you plan to convert. As of today (May 11 2021), miner fees range from 100 to 200 dollars per swap, so you’ll need several hundred dollars of Ethereum extra to make the trade. While this seems like and is a lot, the goal is to 100x plus your investment so hopefully the miner fee is minuscule relative to your return (*not financial advice – just my opinion).

Once you’ve purchased your Etherium in Coinbase, or transferred it form another provider, make sure you transfer that Etherium into your Coinbase wallet.

After you’ve verfied the Etherium you would like to convert, plus your potential swap fees have been transferred to your Coinbase wallet, you will head over to the website Hokk.Finance by clicking here. I would recommend to do this on the same device as your Coinbase wallet – it just makes it a lot easier. If you’re using Coinbase on your mobile device with the App, that’s the best bet IMO.

When you land on the homepage of the Hokk website, you will see a button that says “Buy on Uniswap“. Click this button, as seen below:

After you click the Buy on Uniswap button, it will take you to, and you will see a prompt to “import token.” Click the red import button as seen below:

After you have clicked the Import button to import Hokk, you will get another prompt that looks like this:

Click the arrow that is facing down in the center of the Hokk and ETH dropdowns and it will inverse so that Hokk is below and ETH is above. You want to do this because what you’re trying to do is trade or “swap” ETH for Hokk and not the other way around.

It will then look like this:

Next click “connect wallet” to connect Uniswap to your Coinbase wallet. If you’re on the same device it makes this incredibly simple.

You will then receive this prompt:

Click the call to action that says “open in Coinbase wallet.”

This will then open Uniswap (you will see it is in the middle section of the three available buttons at the bottom of your Mobile Coinbase wallet app. It will say at the top inside of the Coinbase wallet and at the bottom you will see there are three small blue squares which identifies you’re in the right spot, as seen below:

This prompt will appear:

Next, click the “select a token” button. After you click this the below prompt will open:

At this point, locate where it says “HOKK” and select that coin.

Once you select the Hokk coin, this will open this screen inside of your Coinbase wallet:

Click the button that says “Enter an amount”

Once you click this, almost always another prompt will appear that says “No Liquidity, Click to trade with V2.” Click this button, as seen below.

After you click the No liquidity button, it should pop right up with HOKK loaded in as seen below, with a button that says Swap.

Click Swap and you will see a breakdown of the swap you’re about to do.

Next, click Confirm Swap to move the transaction forward.

You will then very likely receive a prompt that pops up that says “Miner fees are hight right now.” It is what it is. There’s not really much you can do about it. I will note that this is your max miner fee and what you pay could be less, of which remaining amount would be refunded.

Click the “ok” button as seen below.

Once you click this button, you will come to your final prompt. This will break down your miner fee and your amount of Etherium and the dollar amount of Etherium you’re about to swap. When you click pay the swap will occur.

A few notes:

I’ve noticed that there’s often a chance that the swap will fail. Not to worry just try the same swap again. Sometimes it can take up to 2 or three times. Usually it will work first time.

You’ll notice a small gear icon to the right of where it says Miner fee. This is where you can select how fast you want the transaction to process. The faster it processes the more the miner fee costs. There’s slow, medium and fast. If you’re sensitive to cost you can go slower, just know the price can move. If you’re doing a larger transaction you may decide you’re better off just getting it done quickly so that you’re closer to your expected swap rates.

Enjoy and be safe, while this can be highly lucrative it’s also very risky!