We refuse to accept that summer is almost over


Here are 6 hacks to keep summertime alive & make the ladies swoon over your party planning skills…

There’s nothing better than a summer barbecue filled with delicious food, refreshing drinks and good company. The best part is these gatherings are not fancy by nature and if you prep accordingly, your friends will applaud your hosting skills and you’ll get to enjoy the last of the festivities along with them. Implement these 8 party hacks as summer winds down and you’ll look like a party planning genius. Guaranteed.

Keep your White Claws cold with Frozen Water Balloons

Want to give your cooler a little pop of color? Use frozen water balloons as an ice substitute. This unexpected touch will give your cooler a little pizazz while keeping your beverages cool all day long.

I know these aren’t White Claws but you get the picture…

Pre-Scoop your Ice Cream

Save time and the clean-up by prepping ice cream ahead of time. All you need is a muffin tin, ice cream and a scooper. Scoop all the ice cream into individual muffin tin compartments and store in the freezer. Not only will this control portions, but contain the inevitable sticky mess of scooping ice cream on a hot day and let’s be honest, at that point you’re going to be half a 30 rack deep and won’t have time to clean up.

Cook Corn in a Cooler

Yes you read that correctly. Cooking food for large groups of people can be time consuming and take up a lot of space in your kitchen and on the grill. Save stovetop space by cooking corn on the cob in a cooler. Simply put all the ears of corn in a cooler, add boiling water and leave it for thirty minutes as you tend to the other parts of the meal. After a half hour has passed, open the cooler to find your corn cooked to perfection.

Tie a Bottle Opener to the Cooler

While every party needs a bottle opener, it seems that they’re always nowhere to be found at the moment you need it and it fucking sucks. Fix this age old problem by tying a bottle opener to the handle of the cooler with a decorative ribbon. This way no one will walk away with the opener and it will be right where you need it, when it’s time to pop open a cold one.

Red Solo Cup Lanterns

Spruce up your backyard entertaining space with a little help from your favorite red cup. All you need is a pack of solo cups, a string of outdoor lights and a knife. Using a sharp knife, cut a small x shape on the bottom of the cup and carefully insert the lightbulb through the cut out. Not only will these add cool decor to your space, but also will provide extra light once the sun goes down.

Watermelon Keg

Watermelon is summer staple, so why not jazz up your barbecue with a watermelon infused version of your favorite beverage. This Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit sold at multiple retailers including on Amazon allows you to turn your favorite fruit into a keg. All you have to do is hollow out the fruit, insert the shank, attach the faucet and fill with your beverage of choice. Watermelon Margaritas anyone? This hack will have everyone at your barbecue wondering why didn’t I think of that first?

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